There are many different types of events and occasions. However, many things remain similar between all of these. They all require planning, time and a purpose.

When one decides to throw a party, it becomes evident that some form of entertainment is necessary, whether subtle or dominant. That is where MIU comes in.

From the smallest to the biggest, we take every occasion seriously. But do not let me be misunderstood. Your guests will have a blast.

If you are planning an event, answers to this event questionnaire will give you some ideas on what goes into preparation for many events. It will also give me, your DJ, the vital information to make your party flow smoothly.

Once a date has been decided upon, a service agreement will be drawn up, reviewed and signed in advance by both parties. This has become necessary to protect everyone's best interests and limit liability for all involved. No service or entertainment will be provided without such service agreement being processed in advance.